International Association of Professionals in Sugar and Integrated Technologies

The Executive Committee

Membership of Executive Committee

The President will appoint members for the EC. The selection of members will be from those who have rendered distinguished service, or who have special skills, and show commitment to the objectives of IAPSIT and to sugar and integrated industries.

Function of the Executive Committee

  • The affairs of the IAPSIT shall be managed by the EC. The EC shall prepare and adopt a series of by-laws, which shall govern meetings and procedures of the EC, and that of the Association under this constitution.
  • The EC shall consider all proposals addressed to the President/ Secretary of the IAPSIT and regulate the order and manner in which approved proposals are implemented.
  • The EC will invite organizations or societies to hold the IS.
  • The EC will review and decide on the capabilities of countries/organizations desirous of holding the IS, on the basis of the adequacy of their facilities and technical standards.
  • The EC will consider any request to hold a workshop and make a recommendation, considering the applicant’s capability to hold a workshop/meeting.
  • The EC will also review proposals requesting funding for special projects.
  • The EC shall superintend and direct publication of the IAPSIT Newsletter and invite members to contribute matter/news for inclusion, or any other works to be published by the Association.
  • The EC will ensure that the objectives are upheld and the aims and objectives of the IAPSIT are pursued.
  • It will review and recommend changes in the Constitution, as and when required.
  • To monitor and assist the IS Organizing Committee.
  • The EC will hold a biannual general meeting during IS
  • To review and expedite membership to the IAPSIT.
  • To review the accounts of the IAPSIT.

Power and duties of office bearers

Amendment to the Constitution

Executive Committee